Brainstorming Meetings 101

One of my favorite sayings is “None of us is as good as all of us”.  I am a true believer of teamwork in the office.  It is always so exciting when we sit down at a meeting trying to come up with a way to increase the bottom line, or improve on our service quality and everyone participates in sharing ideas.  It is amazing to see what comes out of a good brainstorming meeting.  You start with one thought and in the end have come up with ideas that you never would have thought of by yourself.  But it is not always like this, sometimes things just do not gel and nothing worthwhile comes out of the meeting.  Knowing how to run an effective brainstorming meeting is very helpful, there are many factors to consider, like location, comfort, ground rules and purpose to name a few.  Making sure that you have a good meeting facilitator is important to keep people focused and ground rules kept.  Criticism is a creativity killer and never should be allowed when brainstorming ideas together.  Brainstorming meetings are not necessary to come up with good ideas, but the synergy and sense of bonding that takes place when team members all have input into the ideas is priceless.

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