Tips for Making Your Patients Feel Welcome

                                                           When patients walk through our medical practice door they are coming because they need us.  The last thing we want is to make them feel unwelcome.  In our office we think of scheduling a patient an appointment like inviting a guest to our home.  When you invite someone to your home how do you treat them when they get there?  Of course you treat them very well, you welcome them into your home and are happy to see them.  Make sure that your patients are treated the same way as you would treat a personal guest in your home.  Here are a few things that will help them feel comfortable when they come to see you.  When you meet them watch your facial expressions, many times we have habits of making interesting facial expressions when doing things, like grimacing when you are thinking.  People can interpret this as being annoyed or disinterested in them.  Make sure you are smiling and make eye contact when speaking.  Watch your body language, do not cross your arms or turn your back on them while speaking.  In those few moments that you have to show them that you care take an interest in them, ask a question like “have you taken any vacations this summer?” and then listen to what they say.  Many times we are so busy and we rush to get through our patient encounters, know that your patient feels this and it could cause them to seek care elsewhere.  A good measuring stick of how you are treating people is to ask yourself “would I treat a guest in my home this way?”


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