A Happy Thought Can Change Your Work Day

                                                    In 2010 employee satisfaction has hit an all time low in 22 years.  The Conference Board has been surveying employees for that long and in 2010, forty-five percent of employees surveyed reported being unsatisfied with their job, this is down from 52% in 2005 and 61% in 1987.  In the economic times we are in now we need to be thankful for having our job, but how can we do that if we really are unhappy with it?  The links below have interesting information about Happiness Coaches that help people in their workplace, there is some great information there.   But there are things we can personally do to make our day at work a better, like being our own happiness coach.  Start by finding ways that you can thank people for what they do at work that helps you.  When you thank someone they feel good and in turn you do to.  Look for the good stuff that happens each day at work instead of the not-so-good  and share it with those you work with, everyone likes to hear uplifting things.  And when the going gets tough on those hectic days focus on the work that you can control rather than the outcomes that you cannot, knowing there are always better days.  Research shows that employees with positive attitudes are great for business and that in itself is a Happy Thought.



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