How to Inspire Your Team to go the Extra Mile

When  you think of the question of “how do I inspire my staff” it can be a pretty overwhelming thought.  Especially when you think, how do I keep it up?  In actuality there are some very simple things you can do to inspire those you work with so they want to go the extra mile.  Start with keeping communication open, your staff wants to be able to talk to you without feeling fearful or just not heard.  When people are allowed to have open communication with their bosses or supervisors they feel good about being at work with them.  Encourage them to share ideas and when they do, use them.  Let your staff experiment with some ideas that they come up with.  Of course you would not want to let them do anything that is high-risk, but possibly they see changes that can be made that will be successful and make tasks easier for them.  Being the leader you need to communicate the BIG picture of what you see for your practice so that they can see what you have in mind, ask them what they think and then listen.  Lastly make sure you take time to appreciate one another at the end of each day with lots of “thank yous” and “good job today”, it makes them want to come back and do it again tomorrow.


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