Ways to Drive Patients to Your Practice

As you drive to work today, take a look at all of the businesses you pass on the way.  How many of them are you a customer of?  When you are there do you ever tell them what you do or where you work?  If not you are missing an opportunity to drive patients to your practice.  If you are a faithful patron of a business, the people there know your face and possibly your name, extend an invitation to them or someone they may know to come see you.  People would rather go to a physician who has been referred to them than to pick one from the phone book or internet.  Everyone in the office should be on the same page in being aware that the people they meet everyday at places they shop, eat, or visit are potential future patients of the practice.  Just the other day I was coming out of the grocery store and there was this woman looking at my new car, when I walked up she asked if I was the owner and had a few questions about the car.  I was glad to talk to her and answer her questions.  When we were done she said she might go to the dealer to test drive one and I told her who my sales person was, she was looking for something to write her name on and I said I had a card and would write it for her.  She looked at my card, which has my doctor’s name on it,  so I told her about my doctor and what types of problems we take care of.  She exclaimed “I think I need to come see you.”  Wow, that was easy, she thanked me for taking the time to talk to her about the car and who knows maybe she will be a new patient for the practice.  You and your staff know the great care that patients are given at your practice, take the time to share it with others and extend an invitation to come visit you.


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