Personality Type: The Know-It-All

Mr. or Ms. Know-It-All we have all had to deal with them one time or another in our personal and professional lives.  This has to be one of the hardest personality types to deal with because no matter what you say, they not only will not agree with you, but they know the real truth and you do not!  Yikes….if you have to work with a Know-it-all, it can be so draining, what can you do?  This type of person likes to talk and even more so, they love to listen to themselves.  They talk fast so you cannot get a word in, not that they would listen to you anyway.  Their opinion is always gospel and yours is lower than dirt.  They use speed and volume when they talk to catch you off guard and to overpower you so you don’t have time to rebuttal.  But there are a few things that you can do when encountering this personality type, the first thing is to remember it is useless to argue with them, it would only cause them to carry on and who has time to listen to them?  Number two, don’t take their behavior personally, it is not you….it is just they way they choose to be.  Three, maintain your sense of humor, go with the flow because you cannot change the way they are, and life is way to short to even try.

7 thoughts on “Personality Type: The Know-It-All

  1. Amen! Don’t you know it! I used to try to hide from this type…but sometimes you just cannot. You learn to nod…act like you agree…and just tune out! Good grief…they are energy vampires! Deep sigh!

  2. sadly enough I married one of these types and yes very draining on life . made me just about give up on trying to get a head and just plain exisit till I die its a very trying to deal with this person.

  3. I think my boyfriend thinks he knows it all. It’s so annoying. He’s exactly what was described. Talks loud & fast. I don’t think I’ll ever learn because he’s older and set in his ways.

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