When a Good Employee Turns Bad

661996_black_and_white_sheeps Have you ever thought that you had hired the right employee for the job only to find out as time went by that this great employee has turned out to be a bad one?  What happened?  Did you actually hire the wrong person for the job?  Did they pull the wool over your eyes to make you think that they were someone who they really weren’t?

At first they did everything that you asked and better than you had expected and now you cannot get them to do what is expected and when they do it is a half-done job.  So what has happened?  Is it their fault or could it be that something has happened since they were hired and you the employer and the job you hired them for were not exactly what you had promised?  We all know that this could go either way as there are people out there when once hired will do great just to pass the probation period and gain the confidence of their employer and then begin to slack off thinking their job is secure.  But many times a good employee turns bad over time due to the bad management of the company and disappointment that the job they were hired for was not what they had hoped it would be.  Usually if you have hired a bad seed you will find this out fairly quickly, like we did in our office.  We hired this nice young man for several reasons, he was well dressed, good communication skills, certified in the field we needed, and he had done his homework on the Sr. physician in our office and knew all about him and his accomplishments and really turned on the charm during the final interview.  But once he was hired he was totally different than what he was like during the interview process.  He did not like doing certain duties that he was assigned, he lacked respect for the females in the office, one being the office manager and the other a physician and he was caught in several lies.  He continued to charm the Sr. physician (who was a male) thinking this was his ticket to ride.  He went from best to worse in the matter of a couple of weeks, the final straw was when he had applied for credit using our office as his personal address and we received his turn down letter, and then we received a traffic citation at the office showing that his registration showed the office as his address. This is the readers digest condensed version as the full story could fill a chapter in a book, and yes, he was fired within a couple of weeks.  But getting back to what I was saying, a true bad employee will be evident quickly, but a good employee turned bad will take time and more likely than not it will be because of poor management on the companies part.  The article link below really has some food for thought if you are an employer having employee problems.  Good management is the key for keeping employees happy and productive. If your employees are not happy and thriving you may have developed some of these bad habits for turning good employees into bad ones.



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