Doing What is Right For Your Co-workers

1105757_a_gift_for_you If you read yesterdays post you found out that we were shorted staffed on Monday and that lead to a patient telling us that wonderful story about her coworker not knowing how his absence affected those he worked with.  Well that was just the beginning of the lesson to be learned that day.  As I said, one of our coworkers had taken a planned vacation day for an extended weekend for his birthday and then one of our other coworkers just happened to be sick that same day.  When you have a staff of four and are down two, it can be a bit stressful, but my coworker and I had come up with a plan on how we would handle things and our doctor was more than willing to help in any way needed so that we could make sure our patients got the great service they were use to.  The morning we pretty good, we did have to put the phone on hold because we were so busy and could not answer it right away, but when lunch came we called back anyone that left a message and were ready to go again.  There is something to be said when you are faced with a challenge and accept it, you become motivated and energized to make sure that you can get the job done no matter what.  But an amazing thing happened just before we were ready to start back to work, our coworker who had taken a vacation day called me and said he found out that our other coworker was ill (he text her to see what she was doing for lunch and she told him she was sick) and he was coming in to work to help us!  I tried to tell him we would be okay, but he said he knew this was the right thing for him to do.  Yeah!!! the afternoon went great and we all had a wonderful time, not only did we have the extra help, but we felt the care and concern that our coworker had for us and there is nothing much better at work than that.  Our coworkers dedication to us, our patients, and what we are committed to doing each day rang though loud and clear to us by his actions.  Take the challenge, not only ask yourself what you would do for your coworkers, but then do it. What an amazing gift we can give when we give of ourselves.

“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side” ~ Margaret Carty

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