Employee Training Goals Equals Success for All

896858_tabletop_soccer_close-up_action Whether it is training staff members, or management, training is one thing that is really never over.  Whether you work in a hospital, medical office, or retail store systems and procedures are always changing, especially the way technology plays its role in our workplace today.  What does often happen when it comes to training staff members is that managers or supervisors will assume that employees understand more than they do when they are being trained, either for the first time or for a new task.  People learn differently and unless you really discuss with the person you are training what they are understanding you will only be able to assume what they really know.  Training done in a coaching-like way can help make sure all of the bases are covered and success, which is the ultimate goal is reached.  When coaching you teach the basics of whatever the job duties are first.  Once the basics are down then you add to them, but you always go back and review the basics to make sure they stick.  Many times when people begin a new job everything is so overwhelming and they are afraid to ask questions or let their supervisor know that they do not feel they have proper understanding of the tasks which they need to do, for fear of looking inadequate. When people have been taught the foundation of their job tasks, it is easier to build upon it, and each new task is a goal to reach.  By breaking the duties down into clear concepts with goals to attain, you set-up a pattern for success for them.   Training and coaching takes time and patience but it is sure worth it to have happy successful employees who have achieved goals that have been set before them.  Make sure your employees have the training and tools they need to be a success in your business.  When they attain their goals, the business obtains its goals.

“The road leading to a goal does not separate you from the destination; it is essentially a part of it.”  ~Charles DeLint

Employees path to achieving goals

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