Tackling Poor Employee Performance

706735__transfer_ We all have bad days at work when our performance is less than the standard, but hopefully the next day we pick it up and get back on top of our game giving our best at work. But what happens when poor performance starts to become regular performance? I am sure we have all worked in places where we have seen this happen and wonder if anything will be done about it. It can be quite frustrating for co-workers to be working side-by-side someone who is performing below the standard on a daily basis. Many managers would rather choose to look the other way instead of dealing with an employee with poor performance, but it must be dealt with if you want to keep it from spreading. Tackling the problem right away when poor performance is noticed is always best.

It can be as simple as asking the person if everything is okay because you noticed their performance was down today. This not only gives the person a chance to respond, but it lets them know that you are aware that they have slipped below the line, opening the door for further communication if it happens again. If you wait too long to deal with the issue of poor performance you are opening yourself up to a lot of problems, not only with the poor performance employee, who questions if this was a problem why didn’t you say something before. But also with any other employee who works for you who questions if it is okay for one employee to perform at this level then it has to be okay for all. Do not let poor performance become an epidemic in your place of business, learn how to deal with it quickly and efficiently. The article linked below has good advice in handling this situation.


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