Employee Happiness….Who is Responsible for it?

844813_keep_Do you think it is the business owners responsibility to make their employees happy at work?  This can be a tricky question because it is the owner or bosses responsibility to provide a good work environment for their employees and proper training so they can do their jobs tasks according to the standard of the practice.  But do they have to make their employees happy?   Where do you draw the line when it comes to workplace happiness?  While there is much proof that productivity is higher in a workplace where everyone is happy, who is responsible for it?

If the business owner is doing their part by providing a healthy, ethical and safe environment, it is up the employee whether or not they choose to be happy while they are there.  They have the choice.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what we love about our job, but we should be able to find something that we do that we like and focus on that.  If you work with patients you must enjoy people, then focus on making your encounters good ones with those you meet.  Not only will you be making your patients or customers feel good, but by putting in the effort to making them have a good experience you will feel good too.

Avoid negativity, choose to be positive, don’t let negative people bring you down.  Remember each person is only responsible and in charge of themselves.  Take a step back and take a good look at what you do each day at work and how you could not only make it a happier place for you, but for those around you.  Your employer can only be responsible for providing the right environment, you have to do the rest.

Remember “Life is too short to be unhappy at work.”  What can you do to make today a better day for yourself and those you encounter?


Success to being happy at work

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