Betrayal In The Workplace

When you take a job, you usually feel like you are there to do what you are being paid to do, which is correct.  But as relationships develop with coworkers many times “not so nice” things can happen, especially when one employee is being looked at as a better worker than another by management, or there are personality conflicts.  There are many reasons why workplace conflict arises, but in many cases it brings betrayal of trust along with it. Betrayal is a tough thing to get over no matter what the situation is.  Working with someone who betrayed your trust is extremely difficult to work through and to remain employed. The parties involved need come to the realization that “as long as we live on this earth with humans we are going to have trust broken”.  Hurt has to be worked through and that will take time, open communication and the willingness by all parties involved to move forward.  Easier said than done.  Trust takes time to be rebuilt, if at all.   The betrayer needs to understand that even though the betrayed may have forgiven them or are being willing to move forward, they have not forgotten what has transpired.  Betrayal comes in three types: unintentional, premeditated, and opportunistic.  Rarely is the relationship the same depending upon what type of betrayal has taken place.  The link below has some good information on how to handle workplace betrayal and realistic expectations.

Betrayal in the workplace

One thought on “Betrayal In The Workplace

  1. Taking responsibility goes a long way to rebuilding trust. If you are wrong, intentionally or unintentionally then you have to own up to it. You can’t ignore it and hope it goes away (See Anthony Weiner).

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