Is It Time To Make A Change?

iStock_000013669563XSmall This past weekend I had the opportunity to lecture in N.Y. to a wonderful group of Podiatric Medical Assistants.  One of my lecture topics was how to be successful in making changes in your life, and understanding why change is so difficult.  Everyone could relate to this topic especially since it is the beginning of the year,when many people make resolutions to change something in their life and the realistic impending failures of not keeping them. My lecture covered the understanding of how our brain works and to be successful with changes we must appeal to our emotional brain and feel good about the change we want to make because if we do not, we will not follow through and make the change.  
What I found very interesting and what I really want to address, is that not only did I lecture about how to make changes to better our life, but two other speakers that day also did (to my surprise).  Each lecture was a different and what was amazing is where one speaker left off the next one picked up.  Now none of us knew what the content of each of these lecture was going to be prior to the conference, which made it even more interesting.  One of the speakers was a few lectures before mine and as she spoke I was wondering if her lecture was going to cover the same content that my lecture was, but it didn’t, it lead right up to where mine would begin, like a springboard for my lecture, it was pretty amazing to me.  The third lecturer was a couple of lectures after mine and his lecture touched a little on both of the previous lectures but then his direction turned to the importance of change to able to fulfill our life desires, love what we do and that we need to really take care of ourselves, understanding that we are valued and in the end we need to be able to live with who we are. 
The last lecturer did not hear the two earlier lectures in the day, so he had no idea of what had been presented prior and the audience also knew that he had not heard the other two lectures and they were amazed that all three lectures were woven together with the theme of “change in our life, how to do it so that we can be happy and lead successful lives.” By the end of the day the attendees were very motivated and inspired and a bit amazed at the fact that these three separate lectures by three different speakers were like one continuous lecture on how to bring about the changes that you would like in your life. 
I would like to thank Paula Hollister, PMAC and Dr. Hal Ornstein for their inspiring lectures that gave our attendees something to really think about and be inspired to do.
The last lecturer, Dr. Hal Ornstein, handed out a card with the poem “The Man In The Glass” on it and I have attached at link to it at the end of this post.  Also if you would like a copy of my lecture outline it is available on our website which is linked below.  Just click on the home page where it has a link to our free e-booklets that are available.  The title is “This Year I Will” and it is based on the book that I have blogged about before by M.J. Ryan. 

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” ~ Maria Robinson

The Man In The Glass (Mirror)

Practical Practice Management

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