Taking A Mental Health Moment

92296_the_stress_ Whether you work in a medical office, retail store, or factory, it really doesn’t matter when it comes to needed that 5 minute breather or what I call “a mental health moment.”  Things do not even have to be hectic or stressed in order to take one of these “mini trips.”  Take for instance today; I was trying to get several insurance contracts taken care of for my physician and if you have never done a physician re-credentialing packet I can assure you that paperwork can be pretty overwhelming with redundancy, and it seems that all of the insurance companies send these out at the same time each year.  It wasn’t like the work was hard, it was just filling out forms with information that the insurance company already had and then copying all of the licenses and documentation that the physician was “legal” and up-to-date with their credentials.  This is just one of those jobs that is tedious, but very necessary.  So, in getting back to my point, after getting the third packet done I just needed to take a step back, close my eyes and take several deep breaths to loosen the knot between my shoulders and get ready to go back to work.  Now I only took 5 minutes at the most, but I felt great after stealing myself away to regroup.  In my office I have pictures of my family and the trips we have taken over the past several years.  So when I take my break I like to just look at some of my pictures and take a quick trip down memory lane, just remembering what was happening when the picture was taken.  This works for me, and I can come back feeling pretty good and pick up where I left off.  We are all different, but if you can find what it is that you can focus on for just a couple of minutes so that you can “escape” from work, some thought that makes you feel good along with a few deep breaths, exhale slowly and then return to reality, this can really help smooth over the rough spots in your day.  Not only will this help you get through your day, but it is healthy for you, as it can reduce your blood pressure.  So remember when you get strained, stressed or stifled, find your happy thought and take a much-needed and deserved “mental health moment” you will find that it will make you a much better employee and coworker.

The link below has some great tips on mental health breaks at work and at home.

Mental Health America; finding balance


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