How Do Rude People Keep Their Job?

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I am always so shocked when I encounter a person in a place of business that is rude.  Today I got a phone call from a supervisor of a claim representative that we have been trying to work for over a year on a workman’s compensation claim.  The reason for the call was because I placed a complaint about this representative going out of her way to be rude, unreasonable and unwilling to help me with a problem for the patient (which is her job).  This supervisor wanted to know exactly what had transpired and I told him step by step what happened, he was pretty shocked at this representative’s behavior and complete refusal to assist me.  I reminded him that this was not the first time that we had spoken to him about her, my doctor had called one year ago because we encountered the same behavior.  I told him that I wondered if myself or anyone from my office possibly did something to make her mad at us and that was why she was so nasty when we called her.  He assured me that we had not done anything to cause this and then told me that I was not the only one who has placed complaints regarding her.  I let him know that if anyone of my staff members ever treated a patient, customer or client in such a way that it would be grounds for termination.  I then said “I often wonder how do rude people keep their jobs?”  The phone was silent and then he responded “I am very sorry for what has transpired with our employee and I want you to know that I will deal with her.”  He then said that this whole incident was pretty ironic because he and his staff had just attended a mandatory seminar on customer service, and apparently she missed something that everyone else got.

One other thing that really stuck with me about this situation was that I placed the phone call to this woman at 8:31 in the morning, I was her first phone call of the day and she was nasty from the get go.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that this woman must wake up with this nasty attitude everyday, and how sad is that?

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”  ~Scott Hamilton

Deal With Rude People In Healthy Ways

2 thoughts on “How Do Rude People Keep Their Job?

    • I agree, that is why I mentioned to him that this was not the first time that I had called. He has not only been told this by me, but apparently other clients also. I see this more times than I can count and it just amazes me that employers would keep these people, who are only warming a seat and collecting a paycheck for abusing their customers.


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