Even The Smallest Change Can Be Upsetting

image Today I heard one of our assistants struggling with putting an insurance form in an envelope and asked him what the problem was.  He said that the window on the front of the envelope was different from usual and that when he folded the form to go inside the address didn’t fit in the window so you could see it.

I explained that apparently they didn’t make the envelopes that we had been purchasing for the past several years anymore and that these were the ones we had to use.  He kind of gave a grunt, and stated that now he would need to fold all of the claims he had differently because he already had folded them like he normally would.  Then after he figured out how to fold the claim properly for this new envelope he went to seal it and these new envelopes were not self-sealing like the old ones and he had to moisten the flap to close it.  He was not real happy about this change.

I know this may sound silly, but even simple changes of ways that we have been doing things for years can be upsetting.  Now to set this story straight, he was not really upset, like mad, he was just surprised that something had changed (yes as simple as an envelope) and he was caught off guard and was not told in advance about this simple change.

As he was struggling to refold his claims we talked about how amazing it is that we are these creatures of habit, and change even in simple habits, can make a big difference.  We all laughed about it and said that it would make good blog material.  The sad thing is that there are some people who these simple changes, that we have no control over, can be very, very upsetting to.  To the point that they are enraged and out of control.

I know we recently talked about handling changes in the workplace, but even though this is something that changed it really was not a work altering change, it was an adjustment, and we just need to deal with it and move along.

It is amazing how we humans get so set in our ways and allow simple things that really do not make a difference (like changing how we fold a claim) to make a difference and cause frustration and to be discontented with our job, when we can, if we will, just let it roll off our shoulder and move along.

I am all for moving along……

Dealing with changes at work

10 thoughts on “Even The Smallest Change Can Be Upsetting

  1. I can’t tell you how much I identify with this post. I think that the little changes sometimes cause people more pain then major changes. Sometimes you just have to step back and remember that this is not the end of the world.


  2. Very good article as so accurate with human behavior. It is amazing to see 80% of employees find their comfort zone and function well within the comfort zone. Insert some change and those that are comfortable, resist change, and then are ineffective for the following short period.

    It is always best to encourage and embrace an environment where change is continuous, with leadership supporting the mechanisms to make change happen.

    Thanks for sharing.



  3. This was a fantastic post…reminds me of when I have to take a different route to work instead of I-95. I feel out of kilter. Not right. The smallest changes can be upsetting. LET’S MOVE ON!


  4. Dealing with these small changes is actually one of my biggest weaknesses.

    I’m big on trying to be as efficient as possible. And when I have to change the way I do something, it usually slows me down and I have to go through the same process of learning again.

    But the good part is that I usually learn the new way pretty quickly, so I have to remember this and not make it a big deal.


    • Greg,

      Thanks for the comment, I think that it is just part of our nature to get upset when things change, even when they are small. But you are correct, as long as we can move along and not make a big deal of it we are heading in the right direction


  5. It’s not just employees. It’s people in general. People just don’t like to change. They have to be baby stepped through the process. Crazy but true


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