How To Help Your Staff Reach Their Expected Goals


The topic of goal achieving is always popping up under “business management” search engine optimization.   To be a good manager you not only need to be able to achieve your  workplace goals, but you have to be able to manage your personal goals too. By being able to manage both you understand more of what it takes (because you are doing it) to be an accomplished goal achiever and can help your staff to also do so.  If you cannot reach your goals effectively then how do you expect to improve employee performance by helping them reach the goals they need to?   So number one on your management list is to make sure you are a good example of what you are leading others to do.  Now that this topic is dealt with on to workplace goals.

Workplace goals can only be reached when employers, management and staff members are all committed to working together for the common cause, which requires time, thought, and communication with each other.  Getting together to talk about what goals you would like to have for yourself and the business is a good place to start.  Tossing around ideas of what “could be” sparks synergy between all involved and some of the best ideas for businesses are born this way. 

As an office manager you need to reflect on what you would like to see your staff members improve on and accomplish and then use a “result-based approach” when talking to them.  A result-based approach might look something like this; “Bob, by ordering all medical supplies at the end of each month ensures that we will not run out the following month and patient care will not be compromised by lack of equipment or supplies being available.” 

The idea is to let the employee know what needs to be done in order to produce the result that the employer expects. The reason this approach works so well is that you are letting them know what you would like done and why, there is a positive result for doing it.  The approach to setting goals this way also presents with a win-win attitude from the employer and manager, to the employee and it is accepted much better than just telling an employee that you want something done this way and that is the way it will be done.  

Everyone responds better to a conversation approach with clear understanding on setting goals and expectations.  The result-based approach creates more of a team environment where everyone is working for the same goal and understands the results that are desired, which is the ultimate goal.

“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side”  ~ Margaret Carty

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