Improve Your Communication Skills With Eye Contact

1178147_eyes I realized some time ago that some aspects of my job when I encounter patients is either looking down at a chart or down at their feet, when I am taking x-rays.  I found that I was talking and listening to them and not even looking at them because my job duties had me doing other things at the same time.  I really wanted to improve on my communication skills to make my patient encounters the best that they could be.  I began by putting myself in their place so I could picture what they were seeing or rather what they were not seeing and then began changing my approach so that I could make eye contact, which is one of the most important key steps in having good communication skills.  By slowing down just a second or two and taking the time to address the patient with my questions or directions face-to-face and actually looking them in the eyes, I realized what I had been missing before, that connection where they could read me by looking at me also.  It took a little while to break the habit of looking down and writing during my encounters, but I have noticed that it means a lot to people when you look at them while asking questions and listening to their answers.  Eye contact can be a little awkward at first because you feel like you are starring, but with practice you start to relax and become better at it as it becomes a natural part of your people communication skills.   If you find yourself having a hard time making eye contact the link below has a few good steps to get you started.


7 thoughts on “Improve Your Communication Skills With Eye Contact

  1. You’ve made me think about how I handle my clients. I do most of my communication via phone or email, and I was once reminded that a smile can be conveyed even through the airwaves, like on a radio show. You can also always tell when someone is multitasking on the other end of the line (at least I usually can) and I try to use a pencil and pad rather than my keyboard for a more human connection when I take notes.

    I think you’ve inspired a post for me, too! Thanks for posting about a valuable part of communications!


    • Thank you for the comment nice to hear from you. I always tell my staff that our clients can tell if they are smiling or not. I think the main key point is when we encounter our clients whether it is in person, over the phone or via email is that we give them our total
      Pppattention as they most certainly can tell if you are not.
      Thanks again


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