Your #1 Marketing Tool, Customer Service

10547_meeting_of_the_ages_outside_of The number one item on the list of marketing and making a business grow is customer service.  If you have poor customer service in your place of business,  your bottom line will definitely show it.

While it is not always easy to get the buy-in from all team members to give great customer service, it is essential, not only to the growth of the business, but to the overall workplace environment.

I am sure you will agree it is a much better feeling to have made a customer happy and feel good while at your place of business than to have a customer leave upset or unhappy.

In our office we choose each day, each moment how we are going to treat those who walk through our doors and every employee whether they feel like it or not knows that it is up to them to make the experience exceptional for our customers.

It is the culture that you choose for your workplace that sets the tone, starting with the owner of the business.  That culture has to be shown and experienced by each team member individually so that they can experience how it feels so they will be able to also choose to do it.

It is the experience of witnessing “walking the talk.”  As it is easy to say, you must smile and treat each customer as if they were your grandparent,  but to see the business owner and management truly live the culture is the best training you can give to all of the employees of the business.

This short video clip is about the “Starbucks Culture” it has some great tips that you can apply at your business today to help create that culture that customers love coming back for.


2 thoughts on “Your #1 Marketing Tool, Customer Service

  1. Tina,

    The title of the post is so simple and so true. This is one of my favorite posts that I have read on this blog. I loved the video! That’s a great manager at Starbucks who is very inspiring.

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