Personal Issues, Should You Share Them At Work?

329629_mouth_and_finger_2 All of us have personal issues that we deal with on a daily basis, the question is do we need to share these with the people we work with?

This is an important decision to make, you need to weigh all of the factors and possible outcomes of sharing your personal life issues with those you work with before doing so.

At times it could be a good thing to share what you are going through personally so that your co-workers would be able to understand and support you better.  But then on the other handit all could back-fire on you if you shared something personal and either it was “shared” around or you were thought less of for bringing your problems up at work.

Sick children, family with terminal illnesses and going through a divorce would be pretty tough issues to keep from people who you are with more hours than you are with those at home.  You really do not have to keep it some of your life trials from your co-workers it is just how you handle yourself once you do tell it.

Remember even though we may be going through some pretty tough things at times we are at work to do a job that we have been hired to do and that is what our employers and co-workers expect of us.

Even when exciting happy events happen like weddings, babies or a new car, the same holds true, save the chit-chat for appropriate times and then keep it to a minimum.

The important key point before you do share something that is personal at work is to consider who you are sharing with and what, if any, repercussion may be at stake, always keeping in the front of your mind that your career is a valuable asset to you and you wouldn’t want to harm it in any way.

Personal Issues At Work


13 thoughts on “Personal Issues, Should You Share Them At Work?

  1. I think it’s unrealistic to think that work and personal don’t blend at different points in time. I agree that one has to consider the audience before sharing personal information – and ensure that you aren’t setting yourself up to be fodder for office gossip. One other point – if you are going through a particularly difficult time, it might be a good idea to let your supervisor know so that s/he may be able to understand if you are distracted and/or need some time to re-group.

    • You are right Mimi, it is hard not to mix them since you are with the people you work with more than you are with your family. We just need to have that filter on when we do and don’t do the dumping thing on your coworker who sits next to you. And as David mentioned above we can spare others the details. Although there are times and situations when as you said an employee may need to confide more in their boss or supervisor, that is very understandable and appropriate. Thank you for your great input as always and enjoy the weekend!

  2. I agree with David. Done in moderation it is fine, but I don’t want to know about every single thing going on in your life. Certainly big issues are going to come out, and that is fine. Keep it to a minimum and you will usually be okay.

    • Yes that is the secret to maintaining a good work relationship. I have found that there are some people who feel the need to share everything as if everyone in the office wanted to know. Yep let’s keep it to a minimum. Thank you for the comment and enjoy your weekend

  3. As a manager I want to know—in confidence—about personal issues that may affect performance or involve absence. I think it is beneficial for the employee to share some things with close friends/ colleagues. Everyone needs a support network.

    Some things are good to share. For example a wedding or engagement. It’s about balance.

    • Balance is the key! As a manager I also want to know if one of my staff members is struggling in some way, to support them but to also be able to give them that nudge if needed if it starts to really take a toll on their work.

  4. a more interesting issue (post idea) is friendships in work places. can supervisors and employees be friends outside of work? should they? how close is too close? will their personal friendship effect their work relationship? ideas for you 😉

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