Exercise Your Brain

370098_mri_head_scan Off to the gym we go, making sure that we get the proper exercise for our body is important.  But it is very important that our brain, be exercised to keep it in good shape.  There are many different things you can do to stretch your brain for a good workout.

1. Playing challenging games with others or by yourself, like Sudoku or word search.

2. Read different types of books or articles.

3. Write letters or articles.

4. Memorize a quote, scripture or grocery list.

5. Meditation is very good for your brain.

So when you think about heading out to the gym or for a walk, don’t forget your brain needs exercise too, to keep you really in good shape.

Exercise Your Brain; wikihow


4 thoughts on “Exercise Your Brain

  1. Excellent points. Lately I have been playing Tetris Battle (Level 17) …. very good brain exercise. Also trying to keep up with reading volumes and volumes of interesting blogs. Thanks for sharing this to help our brains! Cheers

  2. Tina,

    I started meditating about five years ago. I usually meditate every morning for 10-15 minutes. And it’s helped me so much. I feel so much more calm, patient, and “centered.” I also believe that it helps me think more clearly.

  3. Greg, I truly believe you are correct. I need to find more time to meditate, it is such a great practice for centering ones self. I find that when I wake up in the middle of the night, which is often, that it is a great time to mediate. I may not go back to sleep, but I also am refreshed when I get up. Thank you for your comment. Enjoy your Monday evening!

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