Life’s Interesting Messages

IMAG0690 Last month I was at one of the largest educational programs for my profession, which happened to be held at Disneyland California.

Since I was the Educational Chair for the program part of my job tasks was to make sure that after the program was over that nothing of importance to the attendees was left in the lecture hall.

As I went up and down the tables looking to make sure no one left bags, purses, etc., I also was picking up left over “Mickey Ideapads” which are on the table for the attendees to write notes on.

As I was doing so I came upon this tablet (above) and it caught my eye.  As I read what was on it I couldn’t help but wonder what could have been going on with this particular attendee.

Could they have been bored with the program and just wanted to get away?  Or could they have been dealing with some life issues that they wanted to get away from?  Maybe they were feeling extra wonderful and had high hopes that one day they would be able to reach the goals they dream about?

I will never know what the true meaning of this simple written sentence was, I do hope it was about achieving their dreams and goals.

Life is very interesting, and this little message that I found spoke loudly to me.

What will you do someday?


6 thoughts on “Life’s Interesting Messages

  1. Idea pads are designed to be flights of fancy..and in Disneyland, it seems pretty appropriate to believe that one could fly away..:-) I think going to Disneyland as an adult is a good idea!

  2. My positive spin on this is that the participant was definitely dreaming… flying away as in a childhood dream of “flying” or that he/she will fly away to be successful. Very interesting! But also in the best place to be dreaming as well! Thanks for sharing!

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