10 Life Lessons

1184079_pencil_and_paper Recently I read an article, which I have attached below, by Martha Beck for the “O Magazine” titled “10 life lessons you should unlearn.”  It caught my eye because I am always on the look out for information on health, happiness and the pursuit of life and this title seemed to fit.

I was right it was a great article with a lot of pearls of practical wisdom that anyone could benefit from.  All 10 lessons were very important, but the one that I really liked was “it is important to stay happy.”

Sadly to say, most of the time we can find all kinds of things that we are unhappy about, but we do not take enough time to look at how happy we really are?

Everyday things come our way that can throw us into a well of unhappiness and we allow ourselves to drown in the well instead of climbing out and looking around at what is good today and what we can be thankful and happy for.

Reflection on happiness is very healthy to do and making it part of our daily life either in the morning or evening can change our outlook for tomorrow.

Taking our “happy thoughts” a step further could be to carry or put a picture up in your office of something that reminds you of what makes you happy, for me it is pictures of my family and when I am down in the well, I can just look at them and it brings a smile to my face and a reminder of what is good in my life.

When I am happy and smiling at work I can make a big difference in the lives of those I work with and those I serve.

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.  It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections”  ~Unknown   

10 Life Lessons


6 thoughts on “10 Life Lessons

  1. I have a paper posted on my bulletin board. On the paper are four squares, and in each square is a picture I drew of something that makes me smile. My four pictures are: my family, the little cabin in the woods we get to whenever we can, a book and a cup of hot tea. This reminds me that, no matter how “bad” my day is, there are people, places and moments in my life that I treasure. And on particularly challenging days, I mentally place myself at the cabin with my family, curled up in a chair with a good book and a cup of tea. It’s impossible for the negative to stick around with that image in my mind!

  2. I love it Laurie, so simple, so meaningful. Taking that moment to shut our eyes and in a flash transport ourselves to that special place is important to do. Thank you for sharing your secret way to escape 🙂

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