Keeping The Gears Of Leadership Oiled

1379212_grained_gears_with_focal When talking with business owners I have found that many times they wonder why their employees do not tow the line when it comes to accountability in making things happen in a forward motion for the business.

Or another way to say it, is they think because they hire someone who they should automatically understand what the vision is for the business and be in alignment for executing what needs to be done to make it happen.

If this is your thinking as a business owner, you probably have been disappointed and wonder what is wrong.  When business owners, managers or supervisors do not know how to effectively lead the troops they will find that they (the employees) either become stifled or disenchanted with what is happening with the business as a whole.

It is up to the leadership of the business to become the “oil” that will make the gears move smoothly, effectively and in a continual movement forward.  To effectively lead you need to have a clear direction of where you are going so that you may take your employees along with you.  Directions for employees will come in the form of polices and procedures that they need to follow in order to be moving in the same direction as the leadership.

This doesn’t mean that you need to have a large policy and procedure manual, but it does mean that directions need to be written down, read and implemented so that your employees can be held accountable for what they suppose to be doing. By taking the time to communicate with your employees and train them they will become more engaged with the structure and processes of the business.

Two of the biggest issues as to why employees fail to move ahead, become accountable and engaged is that the business owner and leadership of the business do not have a formal business plan and the failure to communicate the business goals.

As I said it is the leadership that is the oil that makes the business run smoothly, without it the gears will constantly grind.

Productivity is never an accident it is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.” ~ Paul J. Meyer

Key To Effective Leadership


11 thoughts on “Keeping The Gears Of Leadership Oiled

  1. Accountability, pride of ownership and an understanding of one’s importance to the greater whole – that’s what engaging people is all about! Great post Tina!


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