Great Customer Service Requires That You Be There

Right now a moment of time is passing by….we must become that moment.” ~ Paul Cezanne

julie jon If your business provides any type of service or product then you  are in the customer service business.  Each encounter with a customer or potential customer it is vital, you must make sure you are really all there during the encounter.  You are probably saying to yourself, “if I am at work dealing with the customer then of course I am there during the encounter.” 

You may be there physically, but what about being there personally, emotionally, and connectively?  I am sure you have had encounters where you felt like the person you were dealing with was checked out and they were just going through the motions, not really caring about the encounter.

How does that type of encounter make a customer feel?

1. Distant

2. Disconnected

3. Desolate

With encounters like this, would you continue to do business with a company that the employees made you feel this way? Probably not.

Great customer service requires you to be there, in the moment, for that customer, during the encounter from start to finish.  What is it that you need to do in order to accomplish this?

1. Show sincere interest in the customer.

2. Be stimulating, fun and move through the encounter in a positive way.

3. Be prepared and organized for their transaction and questions.

4. Communication must be clear, concise, and to the point.

5. Take time to listen and be ready with answers and solutions.

6.  Thank them for their business and let them know that you appreciate that they have chosen to do business with your company.

Think about the businesses that you patronize, what is it about them that makes you keep going back?  Make a list of what your criteria is in order for a company to keep you as a customer.  Once you have it, then you know approximately 80% of what your customers are looking for when they do business with you.

The other 20% will be different, as individuals have other varying factors that they are looking for when making decisions about who they choose to do business with.

Nailing the 80% will give you the inside edge on what your customers want and how you can really please them.  You understand what they want because it is what you want, so you have the upper hand.  Now just do it, be there for them in the moments they are with you and you will be creating a great customer encounter that will make them want to come back for more.

Put yourself in their place and give them what you would want!


3 thoughts on “Great Customer Service Requires That You Be There

  1. This should be second nature, but unfortunately we all see that it isn’t in many many companies. Although I’m no fan of McDonalds I have very rarely found their staff to be less than totally ‘there’. Companies need to keep on top of this kind of training. Good post Tina (as usual!).

  2. Thank you Stu, it happens all too often in the business place. The other day when I was in the airport I went to get something to eat and the two girls at the counter where just chatting away with a young male worker and it was almost two minutes before they acknowledge me. Now I wasn’t the only one in line there were several people behind me. I was pretty amazed at their lack of understanding that their job is to serve their customers. There wasn’t even an apology when she stepped up to wait on me. Training, training, training is it ever done?

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