Missing the Mark With Your Employees

1071009_target_and_arrow_2 If you are in a management position you understand that staff training is never done.  Training is an ongoing process for several reasons.

1. Businesses grow and change, strategies change.

2. Employees become more experienced and their duties change.

3. As technology progresses so does the need for improved and better    efficiencies to run the business.

An office management group did a survey a few years back on why employees do not do what is expected from them and the results of that survey were very interesting.

The top six reasons are:

1.They do not know what they are supposed to do.

2.They do not know how to do it.

3.They do not know why they should do it.

4.They think they are doing it.

5.They think something is more important to do (priorities).

6.There is no positive feedback for doing it.

Ninety-nine percent of the time the number one reason was “they do not know what they are supposed to do.” That is pretty incredible!

What can management staff do to improve on these negative issues?  There are a few points that need to be made to employees when training them in the tasks that they need to do, understand and complete for their positions.

1. Make sure you tell each employee what their priorities are.

2. Ask them “what do you understand your priorities to be?”

3. Instruct them in the steps to accomplish their task and then have them demonstrate them for you.

4. Ask them “what do you need from me (your manager) to be successful at your job?”

These steps should not be done once, they should be ongoing.  A managers door needs to always be open to employees so that they can receive continued training and assistance with any issues that may come up that they are facing.

As a manager make sure that all of your staff members receive proper training and so that none of them can ever say “I do not know what I am supposed to do.”

A good thought to help keep managers on the right track is this quote.

“I think, team first. It allows me to succeed, it allows my team to succeed. ~ LeBron James

Don’t we all want to be successful?


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