It Is Never Too Early To Give Thanks

During this time of year people begin to make lists of Thanksgiving.  I have often wondered why we should wait until this time of year to recognize the things we are thankful for.

Thankfulness should be an everyday habit that we develop and if we do, our perspective on life will change for the good.

Today in our medical practice a woman was leaving after her appointment and passed by the check out window.  The medical assistant asked if she needed to schedule a follow-up appointment.  She said that she did, but she would be starting chemotherapy soon and did not know what her schedule would be like or how she would be feeling, so she was going to have to call at a later date..

The assistant was empathic to her situation and said that they understood and told her to just give a call and we would get her in as soon as possible.

As she went to walk out the door, the assistant said to her “have a wonderful Thanksgiving”  She replied “I will do my best, thank you.”  And then she added “if I don’t see you again, please have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and New Year.”

There was silence…..not only did my heart sink but so did the assistants that was speaking to her.  Can we even begin to imagine what she might be going through?  Not at all unless we have walked in her shoes.

Her prognosis is not the best, but she still wished my co-worker a happy holiday, and with an up-beat tone in her voice.

At times we think things are so bad because of problems at home or work and not to down-play them at all, but when the rubber meets the road, what is really bad?

Today I am healthy and I give thanks for that and for many other things that make my life so rich, such as;

  • My husband
  • My children
  • My wonderful co-workers
  • My job, that I love
  • My ability to go to work each day
  • Being able to make other people’s day wonderful by having positive attitude when I encounter them
  • The people who come to our medical practice for without them I would not have a paycheck.
  • My sweet puppies, that bring me so much joy
  • Again I have to say “Thank you” I am healthy today!

The list could go on and on, and with each item I list the better I feel about life and being able to make others lives better.

It is never too early to be thankful, start your list now and add to it each day.  What are you especially thankful for today?


8 thoughts on “It Is Never Too Early To Give Thanks

  1. Beautiful post Tina. Well said. We never know what another person may be going through.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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