Leadership Attributes, Inspiring Others

71311_burning_match_3.jpgThe other day I was listening to an audio post by Greg Blencoe, the Author of The Supermanager.  Greg has been posting short one minute tips for managers that focus only on one point.  On Saturday, his post was about motivating employees.

This is a topic that quickly catches a manager’s attention.  Keeping the staff moving in the right direction all of the time can be a daunting task and managers are always looking for, “how to” tips.

Greg’s point was that managers need to lead by example.  As he said this I thought “of course, I agree 100%.”  Then I started thinking how often managers (I am including myself here) will have expectations for their staff members, which they themselves may not meet.

One example Greg used was to be at work on time, if you also expect your staff to be at work on time.  Double standards do not motivate employees.

What inspires employees to do their best is to be lead by someone who is doing their best and invites them to work side-by-side with them.

There are so many great leaders today and in history from whom we can glean knowledge to improve our management and leadership skills from.

Great leaders who have been able to not only move others forward,  but have moved them further than they ever thought possible possess the following four attributes.

1. They aspired to reach beyond what was thought possible.

2. They had a plan.

3. They inspired others to follow them.

4.They were able to execute what was necessary  to achieve the goal and then more.

Managers are given the privilege to oversee the group assigned to them.  It is their responsibility to become a manager/leader that is capable of inspiring and motivating their co-workers to achieve great things.

The link below is to  an excellent article.  It is about three great leaders of our time and how they used the above attributes to lead others.  I think you will find this article to be highly motivating!

Inc. 4 traits of great leaders


3 thoughts on “Leadership Attributes, Inspiring Others

  1. Tina,

    Thanks so much for mentioning the post about motivating employees. I really appreciate it.

    The idea of leading by example definitely puts a lot of responsibility on the manager. But as you mentioned, when managers do their best, employees will likely be inspired to do the same.

    And thanks also for sharing the Inc. article about great leaders. I enjoyed reading it.


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