Do You See Angels?

Italy Sept 2010 377 This past week I received a call from a patient’s caregiver letting me know that the patient had passed away on Christmas Eve.  She wanted to let us know how much “Sally” enjoyed coming to our office and always appreciated our care of her.

Sally was in her late nineties and she had some dementia.  Every time that Sally came to the office she would be smiling and would tell us all how wonderful we were and how fortunate we were to be here on this earth today.

Sally would sing and loved to do a little dance as she would laugh and call the staff angels as they helped her.  She always thanked the doctor for making her feel better and joked with him about how handsome he was.  She made us all smile while she was there, you couldn’t help but smile when you were with Sally.

When talking to her caregiver that day she mentioned to me that Sally had always been one of those people who brought joy to others.  She knew Sally before she had dementia and said that Sally always looked for the good in every situation. Even if it were a bad one, Sally would find a way to bring happiness to those involved.

The caregiver then said something that really stuck with me.  She said “Sally would always call people angels.  It made me feel uncomfortable at first because I knew I was no angel.  Then I realized that Sally always saw the good in people.  She saw what we really could be and that was angels.”

I told her that we were all so fortunate to have had met Sally. She made an impact on each of us with her wonderful fun, loving, joyful spirit.

After I hung up the phone, I could not help but to think about how Sally saw the angel in each person she met.  She had learned to look beyond the skin, and any other ugliness that hides within each of us.  What a gift she had, what a lesson for us to learn.

Since that conversation, I have tried a bit harder to see people differently, even when they have not been nice to me.  By looking for the good in others, you end up treating the person differently and most of the time, they respond differently.

Certainly, our world would be a better place if we sought to see the angel in others.  How many angels can you see today?

7 thoughts on “Do You See Angels?

  1. Some people are like that all their lives, others learn to be more like that as they get older and wiser. What a gift to see people as they really are. After all, the mean aspects of people are just their fears showing, underneath they are all caring, loving people doing the best they can from where they are. Thanks Sally, and thanks Tina for this beautiful story. 🙂

  2. Lovely Post! Aren’t so many of us guilty of taking the actions of others so personally and judgmentally? Even if we love others tremendously we still withdraw and reject someone because of things that don’t sit right with us. I feel this is particularly hard when we have allowed our intincts of others take a back seat to tolerance and found we have been treated badly or been hurt when we try to see only the good. It can be so hard to discern between the sea of people and the possibilities the can produce in our lives, for the good or bad. Trying not to become cynical, but protecting ourselves from those who mean us harm is often a hard task.Sad;y.

    • Hi, thank you for your comments. Sally was such a wonderful example of a joyful person and seeing the best in people. Such lessons we need to take to heart. It will never hurt us to be kind and caring to others, no matter what they think or say to us.

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