9 thoughts on “Giving Negative Feedback

  1. I like changing the word negative to constructive. It’s not so much talking about what’s wrong but is instead providing opportunities and information to do better. Also, when it comes to positive feedback, the important thing is to make sure it is specific. Clearly define what positive action was noted and tie it back to benefit to the individual and/or team.

    • So true Laurie, constructive does have a positive note. Blunt, honest feedback can at times be hard to put in a positive constructive way even when you really try hard. I think it also has a lot to do with the attitude of the person who is delivering it that makes a big difference.

      Have a great evening!

  2. One method that I have found particularly useful is to let the individual know ahead of time the topic or general issue and ask them to come prepared to talk about how we might improve upon the results in the future. I specifically use the term “we,” because as the leader, it’s my responsibility to ensure the hurdles and obstacles to success are removed. So, it’s really a joint effort toward improvement. By allowing the individual to come prepared with ideas for improvement, they are typically allowed ownership over the solution direction.

    • Excellent advice Trevor. Preparing them in advance allows them to prepare themselves for something that needs adjusting or correcting. By adding the “we” you soften the blow, it lets them know you are in it with them. Thanks I will pass this advice along.

      Have a great night.

  3. Feedback, negative or otherwise, can prove to have a positive outcome. Employees need to be aware that a change to needs to be made in their work, or even their behaviour/attitude for themselves and the company to move forward. I agree with Trevor’s comments above. Use the term ‘we’.

  4. Great post Tina. My experience has been that until you have built a trusted relationship with your colleague, it will always be challenging to offer “constructive” feedback. They have to know and believe that your feedback is solely to help them grow and succeed.

  5. Reblogged this on North Jersey Small Business Forum and commented:
    Giving positive feedback is generally easy, but giving negative feedback is very hard- and often avoided! Giving negative feedback can be very important to the well being of your organization. If an employee is acting in a way that causes the company problems, he/she needs to be told. Otherwise, their behavior continues and breeds discontent among your employees, or with your customers.
    This article gives you some tips to address this difficult topic.

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