Positive Self-Preparation


Sunday afternoon doesn’t have to be a drag knowing that it is only a few hours until you need to get ready to go back to work for another five days.  I used to get this “black cloud” on Sunday afternoons realizing that in less than 24 hours I would be back to work and there was so much more that I wanted to get done.

Because of my negative self-talk I was defeating the positive time I had left.   I was always saying on Sunday afternoon “only if I had another day, I could accomplish…..”  Sound familiar?

Then it was like a proverbial 2×4 hit me on the back of the head and I realized that I was the one making Monday a dread and I could change that just by changing my attitude toward going back to work on Monday.

I began doing these three simple, but powerful steps that have changed my outlook completely and my Mondays are great.  So are my Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc.

1. Get prepared mentally on Sunday.  “Yes, I am going to work on Monday and I am very fortunate to have a job to go to and great people to work with.”  Positive self-talk, make it a practice, do not let yourself be negative about Monday.  Those of us who have jobs should be very thankful.  I am sure you all know many who wish that they had a job to go to on Monday.

In preparing, get everything that you need to get ready in advance, clothes, lunch, and any work things that need to go with you.  The better prepared for Monday the easier the morning will be.  I even get my coffee pot ready so I can have a good cup of coffee before I head to the office.

2. What do I need to do tomorrow?  I do a lot of mental preparation for Mondays as well as each day after.  The more I mentally prepare myself, i.e., mental lists, attitude checks, thinking through what the day may bring, the better I can handle what comes up.

I always make sure I tell myself that “things may not always go as I want them to, and I need to be flexible to go with the flow.”  Do not get so set in how you think the day should go.  If you do, you will be very stressed and frustrated if it does not go “your way.”

3. What positive impact can I have?  In my work environment, with my customers, co-workers and employer.  Taking time to think about what I can do to make tomorrow a better day for everyone I come in contact with makes a huge difference.  This does not only make a difference in my day, but also with those that I encounter.

Recognizing that I can and do make a difference has been very powerful in my actual performance at work.  We can either be the drippy faucet, or the bright sunshine at work, it is our choice.  What do you choose?

Developing a Positive Attitude


7 thoughts on “Positive Self-Preparation

  1. Tina you changed your Mindset. You altered your perspective and thereby altered your experience. This is the key to happiness. This is the great Secret staring us all in the face – WE choose how to feel at any moment. Anyone that thinks they don’t – is still abdicating responsibility to someone else. WAKE UP and CHOOSE!!! Good for you Tina. 🙂

  2. Great advice Tina! A fourth step could be recognition for the positive things you do. Before leaving work I try and answer “What have I done today that’s had a good outcome?” As ever, Tristan

    • That is a great one to add Tristan. I will remember that. Some times when I leave work I feel like I never accomplished anything and I am sure that I did. Taking a counting of what that was or is would be a positive for the evening. I hope you are well and doing fine Tristan, thank you for stopping by.

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