Do You Hate How Your Workplace Looks?

Businessman in a tight office

Studies have shown that workplace appearance affects employee performance.  If you think about it, who wants to spend 8 hours of their day in a building, room or cubical that is messy, dirty or drab?

Our office recently got a facelift.  Our decor had not changed much over the past 10 years and was looking dingy.

Our office is always neat and clean, and would pass the white glove test any day. The problem was that everything looked old, dated and it was beginning to be a bit depressing for us.

It is amazing what new wallpaper, paint and flooring will do.  We also purchased new paintings from a local artist.

What a lift is has given us.  We love how it looks and makes us feel.  It is fresh and bright.  Our patients comment everyday on how nice the office looks.  It has made a big difference in many ways.  It was well worth the time and unexpected troubles to get it done.

I read a great story once about a pediatric dentist who decorated his office in children story themes.  The whole office was bright and beautiful.  He had a yellow brick road that the children would take to the treatment rooms and each room was a different theme.  He had hot air balloons hanging from the ceilings and the ceilings were painted with characters for the children to look at when they were getting their teeth worked on.  Everyone loved his office as it made them feel great when they were there.  It was fairy tale land.

The dentist had been noticing an older gentleman eating his lunch in the waiting room for several days.  Finally the dentist went out and asked the man if his grandchildren came there to get their teeth cleaned, and he answered “no.”  The dentist then asked if he was waiting for someone and he answered “no.”  The dentist finally asked in a kind way why he was there and the man replied, “I used to be the postman for your office, and it always brightened my day to come here.  Now I am retired, and I just like to come here to eat my lunch and watch the people.”

This story says it all about workplace appearance and the affects it can have.  Does your workplace need a facelift?  Just some small changes can make a big difference to those who work there.


2 thoughts on “Do You Hate How Your Workplace Looks?

  1. Love this post Tina. Many of our visitors comment on how much they like the decor of our office. I feel, however, that it is most important that the people who work at the office every day, to enjoy their working environment.

    Enjoy your newly decorated office!

  2. I am with you. Everyone deserves to work in a pleasant looking environment. We allow all of our employees to keep a picture board at their work place to put family and friends photos for them to enjoy as they work. This also has made a big impression on our patients as they get to see our families and what we do outside of work. We become more human to them. 🙂

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