What Are You Eating?

Good Morning, before you stick anything into your mouth this morning you may want to watch this entertaining video about the food we eat.  This is one smart young man who plans to change the way we eat reaching one child at a time.  He is smart beyond his years and taught me a few things I did not know about genetically altered food that is in our markets.  This 5 minute video is educational, entertaining and enlightening.  I hope you enjoy it and eat healthy!


12 thoughts on “What Are You Eating?

  1. Awareness is the key. So glad I gave up meat a few years ago – we’ve just had a crisis in the UK where huge amounts of meat products contained horsemeat and a number of other undisclosed or unidentified meats. Thankfully no human DNA was found – so far!!!! Unfortunately we’ve made food (the essential substance for our survival) a convenience – it’s lost it’s importance.

    • Hi Mayra
      Thank you for passing this along. Yes, I think education is the key. I raised my children on good healthy food. They only had junk on rare occasions (at grandmas) As adults they choose to eat healthy and organic. Have a wonderful week 🙂

  2. I studied applied zoology at university and didn’t eat raw fish for years afterwards as a result. The horse meat scare in the UK was quickly followed by the red fish scare in the US. The scary thing is, we’re the ones to blame, expecting lower and lower costs and expecting convenience rather than quality.

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