Three Key Managerial Secrets


A common complaint among managers, no matter type of business they are in, is lack of employee cooperation to complete their job tasks.

When I hear this from managers I will ask them “if this employee has been hired for a particular job, do they know and understand what that job is?”  If they say “yes” then I ask “how do you manage them?”

I usually will get some pretty interesting looks.  Management styles play a big part in how employees will perform and respond to their managers.

Managers need to remember that their staff are human just like they are.  They need to ask themselves “how would I like to be treated by my manager?”

Successful managers have three secret managerial skills that they practice.  They learn how to delegate effectively to their staff members, which makes a huge difference in how they respond.

1. They delegate tasks without abdicating their responsibility.

2.  They explain the why, but never dictate the how.

3. They give instructions, not orders.

Employees respect and respond to managers who treat them respectfully when delegating tasks.  Employers respect and respond to managers who accept the ultimate responsibility of what they have delegated to their staff to complete.

Do you have other successful delegation tips to share?

“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” Dwight D. Eisenhower


4 thoughts on “Three Key Managerial Secrets

  1. I like Scott Ginsberg’s approach in his book: The Nametag Principle –

    “To ‘treat’ is to respect.
    To love. To attend to. And to leave people feeling known, seen and heard.
    To ‘handle’ is to manage.
    To manipulate. And to leave people feeling tolerated, dealt with and circumvented.”

    Managing can sometimes be construed as ‘tolerating’. Rather than managing I wonder if ‘Guiding’ might be a better term? You got me braining Tina. 🙂


  2. I particularly like your second point .. they explain the why, but don’t dictate the how. I see this over and over again. Our “how” is not everyone’s how and it’s important to let them find their own way. Great post Tina.


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