You Can Name Your Success

Timeline_Cover_doNotRename97 This is my good friend and co-worker Jesus.  He just came back from an awesome road trip to the Grand Canyon.  While I would not be tempted, at all, to jump up on a rock that overlooks the canyon floor, my friend found it exhilarating.

We are all different and march to whatever drummer we hear in our head.  May we be willing to accept others for who they are and be accepted by them.  As we strive for peace in our world we need to be willing to live the peace we want to see achieved.

You are only successful in life if you feel you are…

Think about it…you can name your success..what will it be?


3 thoughts on “You Can Name Your Success

    • Hi Greg, nice to hear from you. Yes, this picture is pretty amazing. Jesus said that he had a crowd of people watching him do this…they were all amazed. I hope all is well with you. I do another Supermanager workshop in July in Las Vegas.
      Keep in touch!

      • Hi Tina,

        That’s great that Jesus had a crowd watching him! It’s such a great picture.

        Things are going well here. I’m going to be commenting on blogs a lot more beginning about a week from now after being away for a while. It’s time for me to really step it up.

        I’m really excited about your Supermanager workshop in July in Las Vegas. It’s coming up soon!

        I hope all has been well in California!


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