Develop Charisma


People are naturally drawn to someone who has “Charisma.” In John Maxwell’s book “Be A People Person” he states the key to developing charisma is to be more concerned about making others feel good about themselves than you are in making them feel good about you.

Traits of a person with charisma:

CONCERN – What they show.

HELP – What they offer.

ACTION – What they provide.

RESULTS – What they produce.

INFLUENCE – What they do.

SENSITIVITY – What they follow.

MOTIVATION – What they give.

AFFIRMATION – What they share.

Charisma is a trait or quality in our life that can be developed!  The potential lies within each one of us. ~ John Maxwell

Have a wonderful Friday.  Take the “Charisma” challenge today and make others feel good about who they are!


8 thoughts on “Develop Charisma

  1. This is right on the money. If you can make give someone a sense of self worth or upgrade their self image, you will become their fountain on inspiration.

    People attract what they are and you kind words increase their attractiveness, they can and will attract more and better results.

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