What Do Customers Want?


Just think about when you go to a store or a site online, what is it that you want? You want help to get whatever it is that you need, whether it is a service or a product. More times than not…you want it right away.

When customers call us at work or come into our place of business they are there for only one reason…they want help. Either to get a service or product and guess what? They want it right away.

Principle 2

Most of the time when people come to us we don’t give them the help that they need, we give them problems. They can’t get through without the automated attendant, voice mail or other hoop to jump through.

One of the cries of the mass consumer is “You wouldn’t believe what I had to go through just to speak to a live human being.”

Customers will want to talk to you, a real human who can help them. If they believe that you can solve their problems (resolve their situations) you will gain their trust. If you have their trust, they will not call your competition and they will not be as price sensitive. Your customers just want help and comfort.

Thought-provoking questions….

1. How do you know that the customer receives help when they call?

2. Have you documented the BEST responses for every reason a customer calls or contacts you?

3. When you are the customer don’t you expect real help?

Learn the top 5 reasons why your customers call and develop the BEST way to respond to each need.


2 thoughts on “What Do Customers Want?

  1. God, this is so true. I have less and less patience the older I get. If I can’t find the information I need within 30 seconds on a website – whether it’s due to slow loading or a confusing layout – I’m out of there an onto another site.

    Same thing in a brick and mortar store. Generally, I’ve already done most of my research online, and by the time I walk in a store, I’m ready to “test drive” the product. I’m ready to be convinced I really need that product. If I’m ignored or can’t find a pleasant, helpful salesperson, my money and I walk out the door.

    As for phones, I don’t mind automated systems too much for certain things, like banking. But my biggest pet peeve is voicemail. I despise generic voicemail messages: “This is Jane Doe. I’m away from my desk at this time, please leave me a message and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.” Yeah, right. I have no idea what position Jane Doe holds, whether she’s out sick or on vacation, or whether she even still works for the company! I’m in school right now, but when I was working, I changed my voicemail message EVERY MORNING, even if I was out sick. My message began “Hi, you’ve reached Cindy Clark, branch manager at XXXX. It’s Monday, June 3, and I’ll be [in the office all day/in meetings all morning, etc.]. If you need immediate assistance, please call Debbie, my assistant, at ….” I also returned all calls before I left the office for the day, or first thing the next morning. My clients always knew when they could expect a return call, or who to call if they needed immediate help. It’s hard to avoid using voicemail in some situations, but we can try to make it as customer-friendly as possible.

    • Hi, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I also like the idea that you change your voice mail each day. That shows your clients and customers that you are a real human and you care about getting back to them. I will pass that along.. Have a wonderful week

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