Questionable Integrity In The Workplace


The final of the top five things as to why managers do not like some employees that they is that they have “Questionable Integrity.”

At first I was very surprised that the managers I was speaking to brought this up this issue.  I quickly asked them “why would you keep an employee if you questioned their integrity?”

After listening to a few of the manager’s reasons, I asked again “why would you keep an employee if you questioned their integrity?”

Frankly, they could not give me a good answer.  They did have answers though; “They are a friend of the boss or another employee.” We don’t have anyone to replace them.” They have been at the job a long time and they really need their job.”  “They are good with customers, we just do not let them handle any tasks that deal with money.” “We just give them tasks that are not too involved with important tasks that need to be done because they never complete them.”

I am sorry, but none of these answers sounded like a good reason to keep an employee that you did not really trust their integrity. I know it is hard to fire someone and then have to look for another employee.  The stress and hassles that go with training and possibly rehiring and training again are tough on a business, yet they are necessary at times.

I just could not wrap my mind around the idea that it was “okay” to keep an employee who was far below the expected standards of the business.  One thing that managers and business owners need to realize when they keep a “below standard employee” is that they are showing the other employees that the standards, even though they are set, do not have to be kept.

WOW!  What does that really translate to?

Business owners need to realize that they are paying good money for a poor employee when they could be paying the same money for an awesome employee who really wants a good job.

It would seem that the answer of what to do with an employee with questionable integrity would be an easy one, but apparently from what these managers said it is not.

What would you do in this situation?  I know what I would do and quickly.

6 thoughts on “Questionable Integrity In The Workplace

  1. I agree Tina – and would suggest that the end result is even more insidious than bringing other talented people down. People with questionable integrity will make choices that are not necessarily in the best interest of the organization and ultimately are shown the most likely to engage in activities that can compromise its systems (financial, technical and otherwise).


    • Hi Mimi

      What you say is very true. Once an employee’s integrity becomes questionable with good provable reason, they need to be let go. It is too costly to keep them and it shows other employees that your judgement is questionable. Have a wonderful weekend


    • Hi Stu, possibly there is if you sat down and talked to them and they were open to thinking differently as you spoke of in your blog recently. Then you would need to determine if as an employer you had the time to invents and then wait to see if that person really was going to make a change.


  2. I have an employee who has very poor work ethics. Almost never on time,plays at work when I’m not there, doesn’t care about how the department looks or what the customer perceives. Problem is if I hold her accountable it would not matter because the store manager is her step father and would not terminate her. I’m stuck with fixing the mess she causes.


    • Hi Debra

      Yours is a story I hear often. Yes, you are stuck if you stay there, but if it so miserable you do have a choice. Don’t waste your time at a job that does not make you feel great about doing. Life is just to short for that.



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