Workplace Refrigerator Etiquette


Sharing a refrigerator at work can have its drawbacks.  This cute video serves as a reminder that you should only eat what is yours in the company refrigerator.  Have a great Tuesday, go out and buy some cupcakes for the office!

4 thoughts on “Workplace Refrigerator Etiquette

  1. Great illustration, Tina.

    Years ago, I worked with a colleague named Frank Ferro…an interesting guy who had formerly worked with street gangs in New York City and, consequently, always sat with his back to the wall so that he could watch the entrance.

    Anyway, he was a bare bones type of guy about lunch….frequently two slices of bread with a piece of meat in between. One day, he ate his secretary’s lunch, which was far more yummy than his…..and left his unappealing sandwich in the fridge.

    Ellen had a fit. She accused him of doing it on purpose, which it may have been. Their offices were right next to mine….so, I was fully entertained by the episode. xoxoxoxo


  2. Great story Aunt Dollie, I really thought this video was cute and made a point as I hear stories like the one you are talking about from people that I encounter at seminars. This one had some pretty cute remarks on the notes 🙂


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