What Keeps Customers Coming Back?

waitress serving customers

Whether you work in a retail store, restaurant, doctor’s office, or some other industry that has customers, you know that it is the customer that pays your salary.  Consumers have the choice, most of the time, as to where they go for services, or supplies.  As a business person once they are in your door, on your phone or find you via the internet, the idea is to keep them coming back.

Of course you need to make sure that what you serve or sell must be above the standard that your customers are looking for.  After that it is the service that they receive that makes them continue to choose your business over the others that are out there.

One way employees can help keep customers coming back is to develop their personal signature to put on their work.  In the office that I work in, Jesus our front office coordinator, makes it his personal job to say goodbye to each patient as they leave, even if they already had someone tell them goodbye.  It shows the patients that he personally cares about them and they appreciate him for it.

In Barbara Glanz’s book “Care Packages for the Workplace” she talks about this same idea and gives a few great examples of how others put their personal signature on their work.

  • A nurse leaves a handwritten card by the bedside of her patients with a note introducing herself and assuring them of her care and understanding.
  • A United Airlines pilot, after he gets things under control in the cockpit, goes to the computer and randomly selects the names of several passengers.  He then handwrites short notes to them, thanking them for their business.  When the flight attendant delivers then, it is a delightful surprise for all.
  • A vendor who owned a hot dog stand always asked the customer’s name.  His personal signature was to write their name in mustard on the hot dog.
  • An auto mechanic puts his card in every car he repairs.  It reads, “This car was cared for by (his name).”
  • A Northwest Airlines baggage attendant collects name tags that fall off luggage, and instead of throwing them away as they used to do, he mails them back to their owner with a personal note.

These are great ideas to show clients or customers that you care about them.  What ideas can you come up with that would show the customers that you serve just a little extra added care?

9 thoughts on “What Keeps Customers Coming Back?

  1. Brilliant! We were just saying that here in the UK customer service seems to have taken a nose dive in recent years! It seems that nobody cares. I love the initiatives you’ve shared above, excellent. 🙂

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