Called to Leadership?

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Yesterday Trevor Nagle, ABD, on his blog Leadership Musings of a Skeptical Positivist, had a great article regarding leadership.  (I have posted the link below to his blog) Trevor addresses how a person who is a “Producer” at work can be mistaken as one who is called to be a “Leader.”  This actually happens often and many times the person themselves think they are a leader because they are put in leadership positions.

Not everyone is called to be a leader or be in a leadership position, but in the workplace there does need to be someone who leads the team or everyone will just flounder.

Working in an environment where leadership is lacking or absent is very difficult as the people who are expected to produce have no one to look to for direction, motivation or inspiration to do so. Their job then becomes one of mechanical tasks by a disengaged person, who if they have any bit of self-motivation will be looking for a new job soon.

It is essential for business owners to realize that leadership is one of the most important factors in having a successful business, whether it is a medical practice, restaurant or retail store.

History shows that people have always looked to leaders to guide them and our workplaces are no different.  The “leader” does not have to be the business owner, the business owner does need to set the vision for their business, but the leadership can come from an employee who exhibits natural leadership traits.

These traits would include; integrity, encouraging others, sets a good example, completes goals, expects the best of everyone on the team, and inspires those they work with.

Usually people with these traits are leading their co-workers in someway even if it they are not in a “leadership position” at work.  They are naturals at leading and this is part of who they are and what they do.

Business owners who invest in their people with leadership traits find it is a win-win for their business.  When you invest in your employees they will invest back into your business and motivate other employees to a higher level.

If you are an employee who has leadership traits and desires to be a great leader for those who you work with, then learn as much as you can about leadership styles and theories. Education is the key to developing your skills and this is a lifetime course.

It is vitally important for employers and employees to understand what Leadership is and what it is not.  Take a look at Trevor’s article below.

Are You Leading Or Merely Producing?


8 thoughts on “Called to Leadership?

  1. Great post! As far as your thoughts on leadership traits, I especially like “inspires those they work with”. Passion is key–without it, leaders will struggle to convince others to follow (even if they are setting a good example).

    Also, the premise that only some people will be “called” to lead reminds me that NOT EVERYONE is capable of leading. Last week, I met with a professional networking group where the keynote speaker posited that everyone IS, in fact, a leader–and that’s misguided passion!

    Inspiring others with properly placed passion is the key, in my opinion. I think if one can accomplish this goal consistently, he will have demonstrated the other leadership traits you mentioned as both necessary and abundant.


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