Are You Stressed Out?


“Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having to much to do.  It comes from not finishing what they’ve started”

                                                                                           ~David Allen, Getting things done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

If you have not read any of David Allen’s books and you are one who has difficulty completing projects, meeting deadlines or if you want to be more productive.  David Allen’s books are ones you will want to read.  They are easy readers, but are excellent in leading you down the right path to becoming more productive and satisfied with what you want to accomplish.  Don’t continue to be frustrated with yourself, do something about it now.  Life is just to short not to…..

Getting Things Done

5 thoughts on “Are You Stressed Out?

  1. I read ‘how to get things done’ by David Allen many years ago. It is one of the few books I keep on my shelf and still refer to. What was life-changing for me was the chart and strategies for dealing with “STUFF”. As well as helpful strategies of delegating or trashing, what I found particularly ground-breaking was distributing the final ‘to-do’ tasks into projects. So instead of having over 100 things in the overflowing in-tray, there is nothing in the in-tray (because you clear it every day) and about 10 project trays. Only one of those is an ‘urgent’ tray of things that MUST be done and with only three items in it, it is easier to think ‘Yes, I can handle those three things!’ and get them done. The stress levels do definitely drop instantly when you realise you do not have 100 things to be done, only three.
    Every time, I feel overwhelmed I revisit his techniques. They work.


    • Hi Elizabeth, it is nice to hear from you. David’s methods are pretty easy to implement if you just do them. We can get so overwhelmed and the stops our progress. I have found that there are many things I do that I really do not need to and by letting them go it has really reduced the stress. Thank you for stopping by:)


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