Lack of Training is Stressful


No matter how hard employers and employees try, there are bound to be stressful situations that come up at work.  Being able to work through them as a team or department really is helpful to everyone.  Talking openly about situations that can be stressful will open the eyes of the team and also create opportunities for open communication.

What may be a stressor for one person may not bother another at all.  I am always so surprised when something becomes a stressful situation for me and my co-workers do not feel the same way.  We are all very different. It is important as a team to discussing stress and what types of situations cause us stress so we can understand each other better

This week I will be touching on topics that can be stressors in the workplace.  When you dissect each of them you will see that they can be resolved, yet the lack of effort on both employees and business owners to do so causes continued stress to the business and those who work there.

Today’s stressor is about training;

Improper or lack of training of job tasks can be very stressful. You never know if you are doing your job right or not, so it always feels like a gamble.

Ask your supervisor or employer for assistance if you feel that you haven’t had proper training or are unsure if you are completing the job tasks to their expectations. Reassurance is a great stress reliever.

Employers and managers should never leave an employee on their own unless they feel confident that they have been given the proper instruction to complete what is expected of them regarding their job tasks.  With everyone on the same page knowing what to and that they can do it correctly will keep the stress levels down.


5 thoughts on “Lack of Training is Stressful

  1. This is really worthwhile. Identifying stress creators will help everyone minimise them which in turn makes everyone more productive. Studies show that when under pressure our frontal lobes function more slowly and therefore we don’t think effectively or efficiently. The old saying goes: ‘If you want something done, give it to someone busy’ may well be true – but that doesn’t mean the task gets done well – or even as well as it could.

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