Poor Work Relationships Cause Stress


It is such a difficult thing to work with others who either do not like you or you do not like.  Workplace relationships can make or break your day.

A big stressor for many is that they do not have any nice workplace relationships.  Work becomes a dread because they have no one to talk to or interact with on a friendly basis during the work day.

Whether it is problems with co-workers, your employer or you just haven’t been able to cultivate good relationships at work either way it is a lack of connecting which can develop stress over time.

Humans are relational, even though many of us like to work independently we enjoy camaraderie with those with whom we work with.

Being able to establish relationships with proper workplace boundaries can be challenging, but they are worth it. It is nice to go to work knowing those you work with care about you.

Being alone all day or in the company of difficult people makes for a poor work environment and it is hard to get excited about returning each day.

If you see someone at work that appears to be lonesome, they would probably appreciate a friendly face and someone to take lunch or a break with.

Step up and make their day.  Just because you are friendly to someone at work, does not mean that you need to make them your best friend, you are just trying to make work a bit nicer for all.


11 thoughts on “Poor Work Relationships Cause Stress

  1. This is one of those “Duh” topics. Of course you are going to be stressed out and unhappy if you dislike you coworkers. If you have problems with family member your home life is stressful, the same goes for work.
    I like the suggestions you provide to help ease the stress. Many people just chalk it up to personality differences and just work miserable, like it is normal.
    It is not. I like my job and 90% of that is my co-workers are great.

  2. Many extroverts who get their energy from positive interactions with others are forced to become introverts because they feel like its expected.

    Great post and if I saw you sitting by yourself at lunch I would definitely sit down beside you. (not that you would ever need me to) ; )

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