Stressing Your Co-workers Out With Your Baggage


When talking with people I like to find out what types of things they like about their workplace and things they do not like about their workplace.  I can tell you one of the top five on the list is when their co-workers or employers bring their problems, worries and woes to the office to “share” with everyone.  Being around people who do this is very stressful because you really do not want to hear their problems and you really need to be doing your work.

It is hard to believe that people really think that everyone they work with wants to know what is going on with their home life, especially when what they have to say is nothing positive, and it wears you down.

Baggage from the outside being brought into the workplace is toxic. When will people realize that bringing their personal problems to work is just so bad? I am not talking about employees that are dealing with stressful life issues, such as terminal illness in the family, divorce, personal illness, but even these situations have the place, such as a mention for understanding and then everyone being able to continue their job task unaffected or at least your customers do no catch wind of the problem.

Far too often it is the petty things that people will drag with them to work and allow them to become the priority of the day. “Everyone knows that Susie broke up with Billy last night and it is the talk of the office for days, weeks and possibly months.”

It is just plain old personal baggage that does not belong at work. It is okay to mention that your daughter’s wedding is coming up and even share an event planning and pictures, but when your coworkers know more about the wedding than family members, there is a problem.

Take heed and be careful, watch that you are not offender of bringing personal baggage to work.  A good way to find out if you are a “baggage bringer” is to ask your co-workers if they have time to hear about your issues, if they appear interested then maybe you are okay, if they run the other way saying they are too busy, then you might have a problem.


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