Holiday Tips For The Workplace


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go and that includes the workplace.  Many workplaces really get into the Holiday festivities with parties, gift giving and a variety of celebrations.

While all of that is just fine it is important to be mindful of those who have traditions that may be quite different from the Holiday culture at work.

We all need to be respectful of our co-worker’s choice of not only what they believe, but also how they choose to or not to celebrate it.

If your place of business really gets into the Holiday spirit make sure that you do not let it get in the way of getting your job done.  Remember we are at work to work and even though this is a wonderful time of the year your employer is counting on you to not fall behind.

Here are a few Holiday in the office tips:

  1. If you are going to bring goodies, it is a nice thing to ask co-workers if they have any food allergies.  Bringing peanut butter goodies to work where someone is highly allergic can set off an anaphylactic episode if they even touch something that has peanuts on it without their knowledge.
  2. If your office is like mine “health conscious” make fruit or veggie treats.  If you have a lot of bakers take turns and have a sign up sheet so goodies don’t go to waste.
  3. Keep gift giving reasonable.  Times are tight for everyone.  If your workplace likes to give gifts you might want to try a “white elephant” gift exchange.  This is where everyone wraps up something that they either have been given in the past and didn’t want or something funny like a collection of shower caps that you get in hotel rooms.  The idea is to have fun and laugh a lot.
  4. If there is someone at work that you have cultivated a relationship with and you want to give him or her a gift, do it outside of work.
  5. If you are a manager or boss and want to give gifts to your employees give the same to everyone unless it is considered a bonus and calculated on production, merit or time on the job.  Whether you like it or not employees talk.

The Christmas Holiday season also is a celebration of another year ending.  It is a wonderful opportunity to sit down with your co-workers to reflect how the past year went at work and set up goals and a vision for what you would like to accomplish in the New Year coming.

Reflection and projection makes for great conversation during the Holiday season at work.


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