Keeping The Right Employee


With the difficulty of finding a job now, you would think that once you landed one that you would do everything in your abilities to keep it.  Employers are also hoping that their picked candidate will work out, as it is an expense every time they need to fire and re-hire an employee.

Surveys have shown that one key factor to keeping employees long-term is by keeping them engaged in the job that they were hired to perform with the organization.

The more satisfied with the job an employee becomes the more engaged they are and the better chance of them becoming a long-term employee.  Employee satisfaction needs to be number one on the employer/employee list of things to accomplish.

Communication with your employees is the only true way of really knowing if they are satisfied with their job and the environment they are working in. Cultivating meaningful relationships will create the environment that this can happen.

As an employer you also need to make sure that the employees you hire are performing in positions that match their career goals.  Mismatched employees will never be satisfied and will always be looking for other employment.

There are four prime areas of focus to create employee engagement.  The first is “the culture” of the organization.  What are the basic foundations of the business?  What does the leadership; ethics, values and vision of the organization look like?  If you are a business owner ask yourself if you were an employee would you enjoy working in the environment of your business?

Secondly, does the business provide “support and resources” for the employees continued growth in their position and opportunities for advancement?  Employees thrive when they are given opportunities to further their education and possibilities for advancement.

Third, is the organization “people-focused” leading to growth and continued changes in the field in which you are a part of?  Stagnant waters grow moss and attract bugs, fresh spring water is always moving it’s refreshing and inviting.

Lastly does the organization seek to build high levels of trust, pride, caring and fun for those who work there and for those they serve?

The benefits of engaged employee are endless.  It is the business culture that will drive its employees to engagement or drive them away from it.

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