Incentivizing Employees


Do you work for a company that sets goals for employees and then pays them an incentive if they are reached?  If so, I really would like to hear from you to find out if they are successful or not.

Our medical practice has decided that it would be beneficial to offer employees a way to earn extra money each month or quarter.  Our employees work hard and we felt that their efforts should be rewarded.

A bonus plan is definitely two-fold, one to benefit the employee and other to benefit the employer.  In order for the employee to continue to get incentives, they need to continually produce and increase the bottom line for the business.

Coming up with incentive goals can be quite a challenge, especially if you need to continue to increase them in order to incentivize the staff members.

Many companies are successful with their incentivizing goal plans for employees.  If you know of one that is, ask them how they do it so that you can adapt their plan for your staff members.

One good way to set incentive goals for staff is to find tasks that need to be done, but never get done for one reason or another.  Give these tasks to the staff and then pay them an incentive if they complete them.  It is well worth it if you have been trying to get something done for a while with no luck.

It is also important to make sure the goals that are set are realistic, attainable, and will make a difference not only to the employee’s job, but also in how the business runs as a whole.

If you have great programs already set up in your place of business, please share them with us.  If you are looking for information on how to set up goals and incentives for employees, I have posted a few good links with articles that might help you.

Keeping employees motivated and engaged is a key strategy to keeping them employed with your business.

Employee Incentive Guide

How to set goals for employees

Employee rewards and recognition

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