What Do Your Employees Say?


Are you a business owner or a manager for a business?  If you have employees working for you have your ever wondered what they say when they are asked what they do for a living?  Do you know how they would answer?  Are they excited about what they do, and for whom they do it for?

Keeping employees actively engaged and happy at work can be a challenge. Do you know if your employees enjoy what they do? If they do not, should they still be working in your place of business?  Without a doubt, your customers will know if an employee is unhappy or not.

Have you ever asked your employees what they like most about their job and why? Are there other job tasks that they would like to learn how to perform?  What about asking them if there is something you can do to make their job more meaningful to them.

By asking your employees questions like these you not only will be showing them that you do care about them as people, but that you want to make their job better for them.

As a business owner or manager ask yourself the following questions:

(1) Does the business provide high quality service and goods that my employees can be proud to recommend with confidence?

(2) Does the business have good delivery systems in place that will ensure that promises and commitments made to the customers are met?

(3) Does the business have excellent business practices, honest, straightforward and carried out with integrity?

People want to be connected with a company that they can be proud of.  If you can answer yes to these questions then with some good team building skills and communication with your employees you should be able to create an excellent work environment where your employees will enjoy working for a long time.

If you cannot answer yes to these questions, do some homework and fix what is broken as you and your employee’s livelihood depends on it.  The article linked below has 7 Principles for your business that will head it in the right direction.

7 Principles of Admirable Businesses

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