It’s Inspiring!


Happy Monday to you all!  I always like to share a good book that I have come across with you and today I have a really good one.  It is by a fellow blogger, Kristin Barton Cuthriell, MEd, MSW, called The Snowball Effect.

I purchased her book as soon as it was released and received I it last Thursday. I am half way through and I had to let you all know what an inspiring book this is.

Kristen divides the book into three sections:

1. How to avoid the negative snowball effect.

2. It is time to build positive momentum!

3. The Gratitude Cure.

We have all seen the cartoons where a small snowball starts rolling down a hill and as it gains momentum it grows and grows until it is so big that it begins to destroy anything that is in its path.

Kristin teaches how to deal with those negative snowballs and how to build positive snowballs in our life.

The book is well written and teaches valuable lessons that will improve your everyday life.

Look at her blog to get a glimpse of who Kristin is and what her passion is all about.

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